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Quarterly Goal

Each quarterly event will have three nominated charities and one winning recipient charity, which will receive a donation of $10,000 or more*.  

Although there will only be one recipient charity, we believe that each nominated charity is deserving of your support. Below, you will be able to browse through a list of all our events and past winners. 

We are honoured to support these valuable and cherished local resources which make a difference in the lives of  so many local families. 

100 Men Nanaimo only contributes to Nanaimo Registered Charities.  For a list of all CRA Registered Nanaimo Charities, click here for information about their foundations.

*While the Club fully anticipates all of their members to pay their dues in full, for a minimum donation of $10,000 to the winning charity, the Club is not responsible for its members' payments, so the actual donation amount may be less. 

Q1 Event Winner - Child Development Centre

March 24th, 2018 was the inaugural event for 100 Men Nanaimo and the Nanaimo Child Development Centre was voted to be the recipient charity, receiving a cheque for $7100.

The Nanaimo Child Development Centre is a a community-based, not-for-profit organization that has been an integral part of the community since 1967. Their mandate is to provide individualized services for children with developmental needs, from birth to age 19, and their families that promote optimum child development. Their aim is to assist children during their growth and development with their communication skills, motor skills and learning abilities, while recognizing and addressing the diverse needs of each child to ensure he/she reaches their full potential. 

Q2 Event Winner - The Nanaimo Men's Centre

June 21, 2018  Our second event saw the Club break its initial membership goal of 100 Men, and proudly award The Men's Centre a cheque for $10,300. 

From counselling to custody, clothing to coaching, The Men's Centre offers support and referrals to men for the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

PS Gary Holman had the prestigious honor of being crowned "Mr. Lucky" at this event, the 100th man to join 100 Men Nanaimo!  He earned bragging rights and a much smaller prize than The Men's Centre! 

Q3 Event Winner - The Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation

September 29, 2018  Our third event crowned the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation as the recipient charity of a large cheque.  

The NLSF provides food programs and school supplies to students in need, enhanced learning opportunities through specialized programs, plus scholarships and bursaries for grade 12 students.  

Q4 Event Winner - Loaves and Fishes Food Bank

Feb 21, 2019 marked our fourth event, where Loaves and Fishes was voted as the winning charity.  With the ability to stretch each dollar contributed into close to six dollars worth of food, this donation will go a long way towards helping those in need.  Congratulations! 

Q5 Event Winner - The VIU Foundation

July 4, 2019 was our fifth event and saw the VIU Foundation emerge as the winning regsitered charity!  They oversee management of the Foundation's endowment and raise money to support Vancouver Island University’s scholarship and awards program and VIU fundraising activities.