Nominate a Charity

How Charities Are Chosen


  • We will put 1 nomination of a Nanaimo registered charity from each member into a barrel.
  • We will select 3 charities.
  • We will discuss each of the 3 lucky charities each for a brief time.
  • We will vote on the one we feel is the most worthy.
  • We will collect $100 from each member.
  • We will make the *$10000.00 check photo
  • We will contact the charity.
  • We will issue tax receipts.

*Actual amount may be more or less, depending on how many of our members have paid.  The Club is not responsible for the payments of its members.  

Nomination Requirements


To nominate a charity, you must be a member in good standing.  Charitable organizations under consideration must be registered, serve Nanaimo and surrounding areas, and have been in existence for at least one year.  They must also agree to provide individual tax receipts and to keep member information confidential.

*Note: Our team will determine if your charity meets our eligibility criteria. Someone will contact you within a few days if there is a problem with your charity’s eligibility.